We feel that comparable early stage companies are frequently over-valued in places like Silicon Valley and frequently under-valued in places like Wisconsin. This discrepancy presents an opportunity to investors, particularly when the underlying causes of initial under-valuation are then directly addressed post-investment.

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How do we address the underlying causes? By providing our investment portfolio with far more than funding.

Once again, our mission at WISC Partners is to create wealth by helping a portfolio of well-chosen entrepreneurs build great companies that solve important customer problems. Our approach to accomplishing this is to deliver Strategic Operating Capital to these investments, and this is part of what makes us so unique.

Our Strategic Operating Capital couples funding with company building experience, product and market expertise, corporate and business development networks, and highly engaged executive support. Our approach is to give our investment portfolio every possible advantage and opportunity to be highly successful.

Our team brings to our investors and investments a perspective and track record honed in Silicon Valley. As entrepreneurs, we know how to build great companies. As investors, we know how to identify promising ideas, products, market opportunities, and management teams. As executives, we know how to effectively deliver as promised.

And our team is an extended one in that we tap into our worldwide network of executive contacts and their expertise in order to ensure that we provide the ideal mix of insights and hands-on support to each venture.

We seek to lead investment rounds and look for high potential, capital efficient investment opportunities for which our Strategic Operating Capital will effectively accelerate their growth and value. We then develop a customized Acceleration Plan, which by becoming an extension and amplification of a company’s existing Plan delivers an important strategic advantage.

Simply put, our approach at WISC Partners is to put well- chosen ventures in the best possible position to achieve our shared goal of growth and wealth creation. We believe in Wisconsin and its future, and we are committed to delivering impressive returns to our investors, our entrepreneurs, and our state as a whole.