A select few companies,
ready to scale.

WISC Partners invests in companies who have successfully brought a product to market and are now looking for the capital and expertise to scale to meet their demand.



We have built companies from the ground up, so we remain sensitive to providing the support you need, and nothing more. From growth capital, recapitalization, and founder liquidity, to deep insights and hard-won knowledge, we are here for you.

True co-owners

WISC Partners commitment to post-investment engagement is what sets us apart. We take our responsibility very seriously and provide our portfolio companies with every advantage and opportunity for success.

Aligned incentives

We make money when you make money, it's as simple as that. WISC Partners is structured so that our incentives are aligned with our portfolio companies. We only succeed if you succeed.

Post-investment engagement

Our General Partners and team of Executive Advisors bring world-class company building experience, corporate development networks, and collaborative executive support to each of our portfolio companies.

Worldwide network

It's a simple truism that the money is easy. It's the experience and global connections we bring to the table that deliver unparalleled value to our portfolio companies.

The power of UW-Madison engineering

WISC Partners has a unique public/private partnership with world-leading engineers and researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, seamlessly bridging the gap between public research and private enterprise.

What companies are a good fit?

WISC Partners works with a select group of growth-stage companies with headquarters in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa.

Investment types

We support companies looking for growth capital, recapitalization, and founder liquidity.

Target sectors

We focus on technology-enabled services, health care information technology/devices, and industrial/agricultural technology

Target size

We are best suited for companies with revenue between $5–20 million, EBITDA between $1–10 million, and trailing growth of at least 10% per year.


Is your company a good fit?

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We help true visionaries turn their dreams into powerful, scalable companies. There is no better measure of success than success.

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