Join us at The Forward Festival

On August 24th, David Guinther and Allen Dines will be presenting our Strategic Operating Capital model at The Forward Festival in Madison.

From the event's flyer:

Wisconsin Investment and Strategic Capital Partners ("WISC Partners") is focused on addressing the gap in Wisconsin between seed round funding and venture capital round funding. They apply a post-investment engagement model known as Strategic Operating Capital that is based on their experience in Silicon Valley and is akin to private equity in terms of its intensity. In addition to funding, this model involves company building skills, corporate development, and worldwide business development networks. The goal is to accelerate value creation, which in turn improves funding and liquidity opportunities. David Guinther, a General Partner, will be discuss this model, what WISC Partners looks for in investment candidates, and provide advice on what entrepreneurs should be thinking about as they approach any funding source. He will be joined by Allen Dines, an Executive Partner, and one or more CEOs from WISC Partners' investment portfolio. We hope you join us for this opportunity to learn directly from some of the people involved in this important fund. Space is limited, however, so please register early for this event.

For information on how to reserve your seat, which are limited, please follow this link. Please join us!

The event starts at 5 PM, and will take place at 1 S. Pinckney St., 4th Floor. Thank you to Boardman & Clark LLP for graciously hosting this event.

For more information on The Forward Festival in general, please see here.