We Are Not a Venture Capital Fund

Not a venture capital fund? Allow me to explain by starting with a few insightful quotes:

"Having seen over 500 funds, I meet GPs who try to convince me that they have invented this asset class. These are savvy, smart people, but ... if they only knew that I have seen the same pitch 300 times before." * 

"There are days when, as an LP, you feel like you are a pretty women in a bar. Everyone is giving you his pick-up line, and it is tiring. You have great deal flow and great team dynamics ... well, how very nice ... now, are you going to tell me my eyes are pretty, too?" *

"GPs use words like proprietary and unique extensively -- in the past 30 days, I have seen 10 funds that have no differentiation." *

WISC Partners is differentiated, and thus a true "breath of fresh air" for investors and entrepreneurs alike. We are far beyond the "smart money" that all investors understandably claim to be. 

We are:

1. Not a venture capital fund, but a Strategic Operating Capital fund akin to Private Equity firms in terms of post-investment engagement;

2. Proven company builders focused on accelerating growth in valuation and time to exit;

3. Focused: Regional (Wisconsin), Sector (IT, Health Care, HCIT), and Stage (Post-Angel); and

4. Driven by IRR and PME, performance measures that many funds prefer to not discuss. **

Strategic Operating Capital is the right model to fully develop the opportunity that this great university and state presents to investors and entrepreneurs. To learn more about our approach and why it may be the best possible fit for you, please contact us today. 

Welcome to the next generation of venture capital. Welcome to Strategic Operating Capital. Welcome to WISC Partners.

* Source: The Business of Venture Capital (2nd Ed.) by Mahendra Ramsinghani. 

** IRR refers to "internal rate of return." PME refers to "public market equivalents" which measures performance against an investment in the S&P 500.