WISC Partners Makes Co-lead Investment in Pegasus

Madison, Wisconsin (April 5, 2016) – Strategic operating capital fund, WISC Partners, has made an initial investment of $1.2 million in Pegasus Sustainability Solutions, a venture in Fitchburg that is building an online marketplace for buyers and sellers in markets such as hazardous waste (an $11 billion market), medical waste ($4 billion), and environmental remediation ($12 billion).

This initial investment by WISC Partners may grow to up to $2.2 million within the next year based on continued progress made by this promising venture. We are pleased to co-lead this investment with Capital Midwest Fund of Mequon. Capital Midwest and WISC Partners are working to encourage cooperation among the various funds in Wisconsin; this investment is an example of it.

WISC Partners has an "Acceleration Team" working with Pegasus to refine its business and cash flow model to motivate buyers to agree to more upfront-loaded payment terms and motivate sellers to offer more aggressive bids in return for prompter payment terms. Doing so will allow Pegasus to further fuel its growth in part through use of the free cash flow it will be generating.

David Guinther, a General Partner at WISC Partners, will be joining the Pegasus Board of Directors.

About WISC Partners

WISC Partners is a strategic operating capital fund focused on accelerating portfolio growth and exits by applying expertise gained from experiences and successes in Silicon Valley to promising ventures in Wisconsin. We invest in post-Angel round ventures primarily in the IT, Health Care and HCIT sectors. We are team of UW alumni, with offices in Madison, WI and Los Altos Hills, CA. Please visit us at