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Murfie Music is redefining ownership and access for active music collectors and audiophiles in this new age of lossless digital audio streaming. Think of it as the CD Player for your Sonos.

Murfie is the only streaming music company that allows customers to take full advantage of rights they acquired with their physical media, and provides these owners with an opportunity to buy, to sell or to trade with an active community of music enthusiasts to build the music collection they desire.

Once a customer buys a title from Murfie or sends a title to Murfie to be uploaded “into the cloud” it is then available for personal use streaming at a choice of audio playback qualities and devices such as Sonos.

No matter your musical genre of interest, Murfie hosts a community of like-minded enthusiasts and is actively working to build a selection of new and used CDs for you to choose from.

Mike Splinter represents the best interests of our LPs as a member of the Murfie Board of Directors. 

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Murfie Image