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Rowheels has developed a patented approach to propelling a manual wheelchair forward by pulling; not pushing. The physiological and psychological benefits of rowing in an upright posture promise to materially improve health and quality of life.

This venture has developed a family of wheels that vary by its gear ratio and by its selected distribution channel. The Rowheels LX and Rowheels HX models are available through value added resellers and insurance carriers that work with them. The Rev3 is a direct to consumer model that will become available in 2017.

All Rowheels products encourage the engagement of the user’s stronger and larger muscles of the upper torso, and by doing so relieve stress on muscles of the back, shoulders, arms, and wrists. This “Rowheeling” motion is a revolution in, well, revolutions.

The annual worldwide market for powered and manual wheelchairs is approaching $4 billion.  Ageing population is contributing to projected market growth by 2018 of 50%.  The manual segment accounts for ~50% of this market. 

David Guinther represents the best interests of our LPs as a member of the Rowheels Board of Directors.

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Rowheels Image